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Interested in AR/VR but not sure what they can be used for? Explore some cases of AR and VR being implemented in real world scenarios.

Adessa Batts
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Augmented & Virtual Reality: the Future of Real Estate?

Augmented and virtual reality have become sought-after technologies in many fields, with real estate being no exception. As social distancing continues, these technologies will become particularly useful, by limiting the need to have close contact with others. Learn how realtors are harnessing these technologies to improve their clients' experiences.

Maelys Jusseaux
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Two Examples of Using Minsar Studio for Cultural Heritage

Minsar had the honor of being chosen for the 2016 edition of the French Ministry for Culture's call for projects called “Innovative Digital Services”, by building a partnership with three prestigious French institutions: the Centre for National Monuments (CMN), the Museum of Decorative Arts of Paris (MAD), and the National Museum of Archeology (MAN).

Maelys Jusseaux
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A Brief Analysis of XR Technologies in Cultural Heritage

During the last several years, numerous museums and cultural institutions have felt the need to modernize their image, attract new visitors, and above all offer stronger and more engaging experiences. In this blog we explore multiple ways that XR technologies have been used to enhance cultural heritage.

Adessa Batts
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5 Reasons Why Your Retail Business Should Be Utilizing AR

In just the past few years, the AR/VR industry has gained a large consumer audience and continues to grow rapidly, with an estimated 3.5 billion mobile users by 2022. In this blog post, we will explain 5 ways that AR can be the key to success in retail.

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