Adessa Batts

January 6, 2020


Edmond Maurin joins Minsar as Head of Sales

We are thrilled to announce that Edmond Maurin has joined Minsar as our new Head of Sales! Book a demo or schedule a call to learn more about Minsar.

We are thrilled to announce that Edmond Maurin has joined Minsar as our new Head of Sales! Edmond brings with him over 20 years of Sales experience, during which time he has lived in 21 different countries, worked in an additional 21 countries, and has led small and large teams ranging from 6 to over 100 people. His positive energy and motivation, along with his experience, will surely be a huge asset to our team. 

Edmond comes to us from Open Classrooms, where he was the Director of Inside Sales. His previous positions include Country Director for Regus in Ireland, where he was able to lead their existing team to increase occupancy from 69% to 92%. Several Heads of Sales had previously come and gone from this position with no success. Edmond entered this role by giving two options for the company: either they could choose to give up, or choose to keep going and give it their all. Fortunately they decided to give themselves one more chance, and Edmond led them to a remarkable victory. 

Edmond chose to join Minsar because he believes that AR is the future, and he can’t wait to see what’s in store for Minsar as well as the industry as a whole. His ten years of sales experience in real estate was another pulling factor, as this sector is one of the most promising for AR. He states that the best thing about AR is the ability to imagine what isn’t there, for example, being able to effortlessly place furniture and decorations in a 1000 square foot empty conference room, or a tiny 300 square foot apartment. This can help realtors immensely by allowing them to help their customers visualize a space, remotely or in person.

He also believes that AR will revolutionize remote work, making it faster and more efficient by allowing people to interact with their coworkers without needing to commute, or even live on the same continent. 

We can’t wait to begin working with Edmond!

Adessa Batts

Adessa joined Minsar in September 2019. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Business and Information Technology from Framingham State University. She is originally from Boston, but currently lives in Liverpool, UK. In her spare time she enjoys rock climbing, snowboarding, and playing guitar.

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