Adessa Batts

February 17, 2020

Studio Update

Minsar Studio 1.14 Hits the App Store with a Multitude of New Features

Minsar 1.14 has been released with new triggers & actions, image anchors, open URL capabilities, added support for glTF animations, and more.

You asked for more features, and we listened! Our first official commercialized version, Minsar Create 1.14, is now available in the App Store, and we can’t wait to share all of its exciting new features with you! We put together this comprehensive list so you can learn more about what you can expect from Minsar 1.14. We’d love to hear your feedback once you get a chance to test it out yourself!

1. New and Improved Triggers & Actions

Make your experiences more dynamic than ever, with new and improved triggers & actions. Your objects can now be triggered by tapping, hovering, entering view, staying in view, and leaving view. Once you have set up your chosen triggers, you can select which actions you would like to attach. 

In addition to the actions from Minsar 1.13 (levitate, rotate, pulse, and face visitor), Minsar 1.14 comes with actions that will go a step further to bring your experience to life. You can now play glTF animations on command, toggle video and sound, and best of all: you can open URLs within an experience! These URLs can attach to social media pages, webpages, smart home devices, or to another #MadeInMinsar experience.

2. Extended Asset Support

Volumetric videos are now fully supported on ALL of the platforms where Minsar is available (iOS, Android, Magic Leap, HoloLens, and Oculus devices), which means adding even more depth and immersion to your experiences. In case you’re not familiar, Volumetric Video is a technique that captures three-dimensional spaces or objects, which you can then import and view in an AR studio like Minsar. This can be particularly useful for recording live events, such as concerts or sports games, and then bringing them back to life by implementing them in an experience. 

3. Advanced World Understanding

Shaky anchors are now a thing of the past! With increased image anchor support on all platforms, we are now able to give you much more stable anchors and make image anchoring easier than ever. Using image anchors can help you make experiences feel more natural and intuitive. For example you can create an experience based around an automobile brand, and then use an image anchor to connect your experience directly to the car logo. This enables the creator to place objects and information around the car and have them appear in the same way for each person who views the experience.

Shadows have also been completely reconfigured in order for them to appear more natural and intuitive; you will no longer see shadows that are too dark, or the wrong shape. Light detection has also improved drastically on iOS and Android, which provides very important details when scanning an environment.

4. Enhanced User Interface & User Experience

We are always working hard to make sure that Minsar is as easy and intuitive as possible to use, which is why we have included major improvements to our UI in this update! In order to make creating and previewing experiences more fluid, we have added a vertical gesture to the menu’s navigation bar which allows you to easily switch between the edit and preview modes. 

The asset picker and menu are far more intuitive to navigate, and the layout now adapts to screen size and rotation, making it much more flexible for each user. The manipulation of triggers and actions has also been improved, and it is now considerably more straight-forward to apply these to your elements. 

5. Stability and Lumin Improvements

To further improve usability of the app, the cursor animation transitions have been updated to make them much faster and more fluid, and the touchpad gestures have been enhanced to make them more precise. The spatial mapping has also been made much more consistent, which means that your device will be able to better understand its environment in order to keep your elements precisely where you place them.

Last but not least, we took all of your comments and suggestions for bug fixes, and were able to tackle them in this update. The following bugs have all been repaired: video glitches on Android, simple anchor glitching, text duplication, and the project name bug. We always welcome feedback and bug reports, please let us know your thoughts/concerns/questions by joining our slack channel, or reach out to us directly at

If you want a further look at all the amazing features this update has to offer, please feel free to book a free demo with Edmond, our Head of Sales, by clicking here.

Adessa Batts

Adessa joined Minsar in September 2019. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Business and Information Technology from Framingham State University. She is originally from Boston, but currently lives in Liverpool, UK. In her spare time she enjoys rock climbing, snowboarding, and playing guitar.

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