Gaetan Cerrillo

May 14, 2020

Studio Update

New Release: Minsar v.1.16

Minsar Studio has released their latest version complete with no-code drag-and-drop AR/VR, spatial anchors, and sketchfab imports

Minsar v.1.16 is not just a new version, it’s THE new version

We have been waiting for Minsar v.1.16 since the start of Minsar and we were thrilled to introduce it to you. It’s been a long path in terms of R&D but we are finally here, today. 

Since 2016, we have been developing the first AR/VR creation studio that is fully cross-platform and uses a unique no-code technology. Minsar Studio aims to empower creators ranging from emerging designers to global companies, by making easy to create immersive environments. This version really does. 

We combined the most advanced technologies to improve Minsar Studio and create the best creative experience you could imagine on your smartphone or your AR/VR headset. 


Access the biggest 3D model library directly from Minsar Studio - we have now improved upon the types of assets you can import directly from the Sketchfab glTF library. No computer or Dropbox cloud needed. 

We have also added a semi-occlusion shader that guides you to know exactly where your assets are in the environment. Defining where a virtual object is in your environment could be a real pain. It could get stuck behind a wall or under the floor! But now you’ll always know where they are. 


The new BETA Spatial Anchor feature allows you to set up an experience in a precise location. It combines GPS and spatial mapping technologies for maximum precision. The experience stays where it is with a precision of up to 2cm (compared with only 5 meters for GPS, which also doesn’t provide relocalization)!

Minsar Studio now has its first animation tool. We called it: Transform Animation. Now you can animate your assets in real-time with keyframes to make them move and transform into the environment. 

Create immersive environments with new spatial interactions. Enter or leave a zone to trigger movement, animation, sounds, and more!

We are excited for you to start testing 1.16, let us know your thoughts! If you like it, leave us a review by clicking here.

If you don’t, tell us what we can change by emailing

Gaetan Cerrillo

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