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Animations in Minsar Studio

Here some tips to use animations with Minsar Studio!

In this tutorial, you will learn:

  • How to use basic actions
  • How to use Transform Animation
  • How to import animated GLTF objects
  • Which type of GLTF animations are supported in Minsar Studio

Use basic actions

The first type of actions you can use in Minsar is the basic action. To put an action on your model, just select it and go to "Actions". For some assets, you will see special actions, such as the "Play" for videos or sounds.

Choose then action you like. Let's choose the spinning action for instance. Once you have selected the action, you have access to some properties to customize your action, like the speed.

Once out of the action menu, you can go back to it by selecting your object again, and then the action icon next to it. Then, go to "Properties".

You can combine several actions together. If you go back to the "Object" menu, select your object again and go back to "Actions", you can put another action. Let's choose a levitate. You can see, next to your object, that there are now two actions.

If you go to "Preview mode", you can see that both actions are playing at the same time.

Use Transform Animation

If you are not satisfied with the basic actions, you can create one within Minsar with the Transform Animation, which is also located in the "Actions" menu.

This will allow you to animate the position, the scale and the rotation of your object, between two keys. So here, I'm asking the object to move a little further, to rotate towards me, and to get taller.

If you are not satisfied with it, click on your object, then on the Transform Animation button. There, go to "Properties", and there you can change the speed of your animation, or have it loop or boomerang (reverse between two keys).

You can also reset the animation by going to "Set end Key", and hit reset. Just redo the animation again.

Use your own GLTF animation

If you want more complex animations such as a more complex transform animation, you can do it in a 3D software, such as Blender, and then import it into Minsar as a GLTF or GLB. If there is a custom animation on your object, whether it be a transform animation, a rigged animation or a blendshape animation, you will see a marionette icon indicating "Play Animation" in the "Actions" panel.

When you hit this, you will arrive in the settings of your animation. If you have several clips of animations, this is where you choose the one you want. You can also change the speed of your animation, or, once more, have it loop.

You can also import rigged and skinned animations, and activate the animation in the same manner. If your objet has several animation clips, you can choose among them. Don't forget, at any time, that you can click on the animation icon next to your object to go change its properties.

The last type of animation that you can put on your object is the blend shape animation, which is basically an animation that is baked onto the vertices of your object.

Combine different types of animations together

You can of course combine two types of animations together. For instance, I can have both a rigged animation on the Coyote, and a transform animation that sends it far away into the distance