Get Started

Basic manipulations in Minsar Studio

Through this tutorial, you will learn all you need to know to get started in Minsar : how to navigate, how to import an object, how to manipulate it, etc.

In this tutorial, you will learn

  • How to move around in Minsar
  • How to move the menu
  • How to manipulate objects
  • How to preview your experience
DISCLAIMER : The video is dating from an older version of Minsar, thus not all manipulations are yet shown in it. We strongly advise you to take a look at the written sum up below to get all the information you need! The video will be updated soon.

Moving the menu around

You can move the menu by drag and dopping it using the controller triggers. Or, you can tap once on the "Menu" button of the left controller to automatically summon the menu in front of you.

You can also attach the menu directly to your controller by holding the "Menu" button. You can detach it the same way.

How to move around


Push the left thumbstick forward to enable the teleport and choose a spot. You can change the teleport orientation by rotating the thumbstick. Then just release the joystick to teleport to the selected spot.

Step back

If you want to take a step back, just push the left thumbstick once backwards.

45 degrees

If you want to rotate the camera of 45 degrees left or right, push the thumbstick once left or right.

Zoom in and out

Hold and drag both grips to zoom in or out and rotate the scene.

If the scene zoom is different than x1, you can see a zoom scale next to your left controller.

Drag yourself around the scene

Hold and drag the grip button (left or right) to drag yourself around the scene.


The elements of your scene are going to collide with each other. To deactivate the collision, for instance if you want to push your object below the ground, you can either insist in pushing it down, or directly hit X or A.

Manipulate an element

To select an element in the scene, tap on it. A box is displayed around a selected element, along with three axes of rotation.

You can also change the scale of your object by dragging the arrows in the corners.

You can also use "Adjust" or "Transform" menu to enable the assisted move, and to move elements on one or 2 axes between X (red), Y (green) and Z (blue).

You can also use both your controllers to rotate and scale the object organically.

While the object is selected, you can push the right thumbstick back and forth to move your object into the distance.

You can also push the right thumbstick left or right to scale your object up and down.

At last, you can also grab your object as though you were holding it in your hand. To do that, just put your controller inside the object and use the trigger.


To select several objects, hold A while clicking on the objects. Click on them again to deselect.

You can also select or unselect everything by holding A + trigger


To see what your visitor will see, you need to switch to preview mode. To do that, you can either maintain both triggers pressed for a short period of time, or you can hit the "Menu" button twice, on the left controller. You can go back to edit mode in the same fashion.