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Create an AR experience with a 360 video

Here some tips to create an AR experience with a 360 video in Minsar Studio VR on Oculus!

In this tutorial, you will learn

  • How to use a 360 image or video anchor for your experience
  • Teleport inside the 360 space in Minsar Studio
  • Import 3D assets inside and organize them so as to give the illusion of a 3D environment

DISCLAIMER: The video dates from a slightly older version of Minsar Studio, so there are a couple of differences between it and the sum up below. For example, now when you edit your scene with a 360 video, and go to preview mode, Minsar will behave as though the experience had just been opened. It means that your video will automatically go back to the first frame.

Create your 360 environment project

When you create a project, you need to go into "A Virtual Location", "Import an Inner 360 Environment". The Asset Provider will appear for you to go and fetch the image or video you like. Wait until it's imported : if your image is a 4K, it can take a bit of time but be patient!

Adjust the orientation of the 360 environment

On the anchor grid, you can see a thick, curved edge. This edge points towards the direction in which the experience will be opened. In our case, it is currently pointing towards the back of the forest, when I want the experience to open the other way around. To do this, hit the "Anchor" button, and unselect "Adjust with anchor". Then grab the green gizmo and turn your anchor to face the way you want.

Move inside the 360 environment

As creator, you can teleport yourself anywhere within the 360 environment you've just created. But always keep in mind that the visitor will not be able to do that : in AR, the area into which the visitor can move is symbolized by the circle in the centre of the grid.

Organize your elements so as to give an impression of a 3D world

You can import any element and place them anywhere you like in your scene. If you place a 3D element within the white circle and on top of it, the visitor, it will enhance the impression that they are in an actual 3D environment, because they can observe it from up close.

But you can also put some 3D elements beyond the visitor's space, so as ot give more depth to your scene. To deactivate the collision between your object and the grid or the 360, hit "A" or "X" on your controller.

Replace your 360 environment by another image or video

You can do exactly the same thing by replacing your image with a video. Let's pretend we are embarking with our snowman friend on a balloon ride. Hit "360 Environment" to replace your image by a video (or vice versa), then hit "Replace", and fetch the new 360 you want. Once the video is loaded, you can hit "Play" to see it.

Don't forget to put a "Play" toggle on the video for it to play at the start of the experience :)

There again, you can place some 3D elements within the scene, and thus pretend that you're embarking the balloon with your snowman! Notice that there, the basket in the video is located below the visitor's grid. As a result, we placed the snowman slightly below the grid as well, as to give the impression that it's sitting in the basket and looking over at the landscape.