Get Started

Design in VR and Share in AR

Here some tips to create an AR experience with Minsar Studio in VR!

In this tutorial you will learn

  • How to import an element in Minsar Studio
  • How to plan the AR scenography
  • How to share it
  • How to open a shared Minsar experience in AR on a mobile phone

Import an object

After connecting your providers from the app or your portal, you will have access to them from Minsar Studio. Go to "Import Assets" in the menu, and choose the provider you want. You can navigate the folders or write in the search bar to find your element.

Create your scenography

Place your elements as you wish according to the anchor you chose. In this case we're using the horizontal surface anchor. Place your entire scenography within its boundaries, to be certain that your visitor will be able to see it entirely. Go into preview mode to see what your visitor will see!

Rename your project

Once you are happy, you can go to the "Project" menu, and then "Rename" your project to be able to find it more easily. Don't forget to hit "Done".

Publish your experience

Once you are happy with your scenography, rename your project and hit the "Share" button on the menu (previously called "launch", it's the rocket icon !).

Once on your portal, fill in the info you want to share on your experience, and hit the green "Publish" button at the bottom of the page.

Open the experience in AR

On a mobile phone, click on the generated URL or scan the generated QR code, and open the experience in webAR in your environment!