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Create directly through your devices:
Magic Leap
iOS - Android
Oculus Quest
Import elements from your cloud hosting services & asset providers:
Local Content
Google Drive
Track changes to your projects and experiences:
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▼ Who Can Use Minsar? ▼

Minsar use-cases are designed to be used across multiple sectors and industries
Innovate your Marketing Strategy
Drive Traffic to Your Business
Train & Educate Employees
Modernize your City & Engage with Tourists
Enhance & Customize Real Estate Visits
Attract Visitors & Create Captivating Experiences

▼What Our Community Says▼

Alex Kipman
Mixed Reality, Microsoft
What a week for #MixedReality! Our partners and friends are on #FIRE. @getminsar just released a preview of their app exclusively on #HoloLens. It's an editor for creating and prototyping in #MixedReality. Check it out
Rio Caraeff
CCO, Magic Leap
We’re pleased to welcome Minsar to the Magic Leap Independent Creator Program, and are looking forward to working with their team to facilitate their launch into our diverse ecosystem of experiences. Together, we’re innovating the next generation of computing and entertainment, and valued Creators such as Minsar are crucial to defining that future.
Alban Denoyel
CEO, Sketchfab
Minsar makes it super easy to combine 3D assets and create scenes within VR or AR. We are very excited to have Sketchfab part of their initial launch, making it easy to search and import 3D content from the largest 3D community out there.
Julie Young
Minsar has the potential to forever change the way we create VR/AR experiences. The Opuscope team is made up of some of the most creative and product-oriented people in the industry - I am really looking forward to seeing how they continue to push the boundaries of 3D!
Olivier Godest
CEO, Virtuality
Our friends at Opuscope are launching Minsar, a SaaS platform that allows graphic designers to create augmented and mixed reality experiences. The next Wordpress for 3D environments! #GOMinsar

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