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1 scene

Mobile AR


Publish with XR View

Simple anchor

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All Free features

3 scenes

Mobile AR

10 000 views

0.01€/additional view

Publish with XR View and SparkAR

Simple, Image, and Surface anchors

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All Starter features

20 scenes

Mobile AR & Headset AR/VR

100 000 views

0.01€/additional view

Publish with XR View, SparkAR, and WebXR

Simple, Image, and Surface anchors

Summer 2020: App embed

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All Plus features

50 scenes

Mobile AR & Headset AR/VR

500 000 views

0.01€/additional view

Publish with XR View, SparkAR, and WebXR

Simple, Image, Surface, and Spatial anchors

Summer 2020: App embed

Summer 2020: Web embed

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Frequently asked questions

Q: How do I create an account?

A: It's easy! Just download the Minsar app or register at

Q: How do I access my experiences?

A: You can manage your experiences at directly from your web browser.

Q: Do I need an AR/VR headset to use Minsar Studio?

A: No, Minsar Studio is also accessible from iOS and Android devices.

Q: Can I change my subscription?

A: Yes, you can upgrade or downgrade at anytime.

Q: Can I use Minsar Studio on a computer?

No, Minsar Studio is an immersive creator which can only be used through an iOS/Android device, or an AR/VR Headset.

Q: Can I try Minsar for free?

A: Yes! Minsar is always free to start, and you can upgrade anytime to unlock more capabilities.

Q: What is XR view?

A: XR view is a browser for 3D content, that you can use to share your experiences.

Q: Can I use Minsar with my AR/VR headset?

A: Yes! Minsar can be used with Magic Leap, Hololens 2, and Oculus Quest.

Q: How much does a Minsar license cost?

A: A basic Minsar license is free, upgraded licenses start at 9 euros per month.

Q: Is Minsar compatible with my smartphone?

A: Yes! Minsar is compatible with iPhones generation 6S or later, as well as AR capable Android phones.

Q: How do I cancel my account?

A: Simply log-in to and select unsubscribe.

Get the ultimate plan for enterprises

For more information about Ultimate, please contact our sales team

All experience plans include

Secure Cloud Storage

Access your experiences easily from our secure cloud storage platform.


Utilize dynamic triggers and actions to transform 3D elements, videos, text, sound, and images.


Creation is at your fingertips with Minsar’s drag-and-drop technology. Effortlessly create AR/VR experiences with content imported from your cloud service providers or local storage.

Unlimited projects creation

Create and edit as many AR/VR experiences as you want, then upgrade your plan to share your projects.

Automatic backups

Never lose your work again. Minsar Studio includes automatic backups, so your progress is always saved.

No-code technology

Easily create AR/VR experiences, regardless of your technical background. We aim to enhance your design capabilities by simplifying the creation process.

Optional extras

Custom Requests

Please get in touch with a team member to explore custom requests. We are committed to finding the plan that works best for you.

Extra Views and Storage

Additional views and/or storage can be purchased and applied to any Minsar plan. A customer support representative will be able to discuss your options to find a plan that works best for you.

On-site training

One of our customer support representatives will provide your team with on-site training on how to make the most of Minsar for your company. These sessions range from 1-3 days depending on your unique needs.

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